LendIt Selects SIC As A Finalist For Best Journalist Coverage


(Simple.Innovative.Change), (2/15/18) – LendIt Fintech, the world’s leading event in financial services innovation, announced today that they have selected Simple.Innovative.Change as a finalist in the Best Journalist Coverage category for the LendIt Fintech Industry Awards. The Best Journalist Coverage finalists were awarded to companies that demonstrate the most insightful and original coverage about lending innovation and fintech.

Simple.Innovative.Change was selected as a finalist out of hundreds of applicants worldwide and by more than 30 respected fintech industry experts who judged finalists representing innovation, emerging talent and top performers. Simple.Innovative.Change will compete for top honors within its award category at the LendIt Fintech Industry Awards Show and Dinner on April 10 at the LendIt Fintech conference in San Francisco. The prestigious awards will bring together 500 fintech influencers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to honor the outstanding achievements in financial services innovation.

“Last year, I attended LendIt for the first time and it truly put Simple.Innovative.Change on the map thanks to the brilliant innovators I had access to such as Scott Sanborn of LendingClub, and Brett Crosby of PeerStreet to name just a couple,” said Chris Lustrino, Founder of SIC. “It’s humbling and rewarding to return to LendIt as a finalist alongside so many incredibly talented innovators in the world of Fintech.”

“This year’s finalists are the most innovative companies disrupting the future of finance in order to improve the quality of daily life,” said Peter Renton, co-founder and co-chairman, LendIt Fintech. “We were yet again impressed by the number of high-caliber nominees and look forward to celebrating these companies that have made impressive contributions to the fintech industry.”

For more information about SIC, visit www.simpleinnovativechange.com. To view all LendIt Fintech Industry Award finalists, visit www.lendit.com/usa/2018/awards.

About Simple.Innovative.Change

SIC is a collaborative Fintech discussion hub that aims to provide an inside look into the startup ecosystem that is reshaping financial services, one of the last trillion dollar industries untouched by technology until now with an emphasis on 5 core Fintech themes.

Alternative Lending, SME Financial Applications, Applied Technology (e.g., AI, API, etc.), Financial Inclusion, and Personal Wealth Management.

By bringing together startup founders, VCs, PR agencies, policy makers and thought leaders, SIC aims to be the one source needed to stay in-tune to the most important developments across the Fintech paradigm.

About LendIt Fintech

LendIt Fintech is a recognized global internet finance industry leader, founded in New York in 2013. Its aim is to gather industry elites to discuss and explore latest trends in the development of international financial technology. LendIt Fintech has become the largest event in financial services innovation as it hosts three annual conferences, LendIt Fintech USA, LendIt Fintech Europe, and Lang Di Fintech, and dozens of complementary online and in-person industry events. LendIt Fintech also owns and operates one of the world’s leading industry educational channels, Lend Academy.

For more information contact Chris Lustrino of Simple.Innovative.Change at chris@simpleinnovativechange.com