Chris Lustrino

Chris Lustrino

A Boston College Eagle for life, rebuilding the travel industry at Freebird, with a passion for Innovation, Travel tech ,Fintech, Investing, Doing Well and Doing Good, and an avid Runner, Cyclist and Writer.

The SIC Mission

SIC is a collaborative Fintech discussion hub that aims to provide an inside look into the startup ecosystem that is reshaping financial services, one of the last trillion dollar industries untouched by technology until now with an emphasis on 5 core Fintech themes.

Alternative Lending, SME Financial Applications, Applied Technology (e.g., AI, API, etc.), Financial Inclusion, and Personal Wealth Management.

By bringing together startup founders, VCs, PR agencies, policy makers and thought leaders, SIC aims to be the one source needed to stay in-tune to the most important developments across the Fintech paradigm.